Super Bowl XLVIII Prop-Bet Guide

Need to make a little extra dough this weekend? Take the smart money and let it ride on one of these prop bets for tomorrow’s Super Bowl.

  • Over/under 7,358 chomps on same piece of gum by Pete Carroll; you’d look like a real asshole if you took the over here
  • O/U 6.5 audibles missed by Derrick Coleman
  • O/U 1.5 times Peyton Manning says, “Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex” at line of scrimmage
  • O/U 11.5 times that cheesy dickhead from your office says he “just watches the game for the commercials”
  • Combined concussions suffered by Wes Welker and Percy Harvin vs. number of chicken parms eaten by Chris Christie
  • O/U 7.5 times game referred to as “Harbowl”
  • Color of Gatorade dumped on winning coach: it might be cold in New York, so take chicken broth at 600/1

– KB